Ontario poster promotes employment standards

New poster from the Ministry of Labour mandatory for most employers

Ontario has unveiled a new poster that outlines worker rights and obligations.

Chris Bentley, the province’s labour minister, said the new poster will build awareness of how Ontario’s Employment Standards Act “helps both workers and employers, while helping to build stronger communities.”

Most employers are required by law to display the poster in their workplaces. Until now employers had to specially order posters at a cost of $6 each. Apart from being free and easier to obtain, the new poster is written in less technical language, the government said, and contains information about recent changes to the act including family medical leave and minimum wage increases.

Employers are required to replace their existing poster with a new poster (version 2.0). Failure to comply with the posting requirements may result in being charged with an offence, the government said.

The new poster is available on the Ministry of Labour website at www.gov.on.ca/LAB/english/. It is also available through ministry offices across Ontario, by calling (800) 809-4731 and at Government Information Centres. It will also be sent out through key employer and employee stakeholders. The new poster will soon be made available in 18 languages in addition to French and English.

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