Ontario targets musculoskeletal disorders in fall enforcement blitz

Inspectors will be visiting workplaces in all industries

Ontario is targeting musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in a fall safety blitz that runs from September to the end of October.

Inspectors from the Ministry of Labour will be visiting workplaces in all industries, looking for potential hazards that could contribute to the onset of an MSD, according to the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA), one of the province’s partners in occupational health and safety.

IHSA is recommending that employers prepare by looking at lost-time injury records to see if some prevention strategies are necessary. Strategies can include educating employees about ergonomics, and how these concepts can be applied to their everyday activities.

Ergonomics on film

Canadian HR Reporter TV recently sat down with Jane Sleeth, senior ergonomic consultant with Optimal Performance Consultants in Toronto, to look at how to create ergonomic workspaces in typical office environments. She demonstrated how a typical cubicle should be set up, and how to properly adjust an office chair.

Setting up a workstation

How to fine tune an office chair to be ergonomic

Sleeth is also the author of the Return to Work Compliance Toolkit, published by Carswell, a Thomson Reuters business. See  http://www.carswell.com/description.asp?docid=3049 for information.

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