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Guide outlining appropriate medical care for an injured worker at each stage of recovery and hoisting apparatus inspection guidelines

The right care at the right time

The Workers’ Compensation Board of Saskatchewan has released a guide outlining the importance of appropriate medical care for an injured worker at each stage of his recovery. The eight-page booklet covers the necessary steps an employer should take during three critical phases: primary assessment and treatment, advanced assessment and advanced treatment. The guide outlines the responsibilities of the employer and the employee in ensuring a successful return to work.

Hoisting apparatus inspection guidelines

WorkSafeNB has released a guide to help employers meet the requirements surrounding hoisting apparatuses of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The 15-page handbook covers annual inspection requirements for a base-mounted drum hoist, articulating boom crane, automotive hoist, hand-operated chain hoist and electric hoist. Inspection requirements are clearly outlined and the guide explains how to properly inspect each item. Comprehensive checklists are provided for annual inspections as well as for daily inspections that should be completed at the beginning of every work day.

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