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Guide to slips and falls and guide to cold stress at work

Slips and falls
New interactive tools from the Ontario Ministry of Labour present some common workplace hazards and outline how to avoid them. Four different tools show what to do in the kitchen, mining, construction and health-care sectors when faced with a possible hazard that could lead to a slip or fall. Users click on the hazard, such as an extension ladder or a wet floor, and the tool explains why it is dangerous and what can be done to fix the situation and help the worker.

Guide to cold stress at work
The Workers’ Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island offers a five-page guide for working outside or in cold storage areas in the winter. Guide to Cold Stress at Work outlines the factors leading to cold stress and the injuries it can cause. The guide includes several guidelines for preventing cold stress such as wearing layered clothing, setting up wind shelters and drinking plenty of warm fluids. The guide also lists signs and symptoms of hypothermia and the dos and don’ts for treating it.

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