Safety regulations coming to B.C.'s commercial fishing business

Fish Safe BC to receive $900,000 for safety education program

The federal government will fund Fish Safe BC with $900,000 over three years to expand a safety education program based in British Columbia and promote safe boating practices onboard small commercial fishing vessels.

The program will use fishermen to train other fishermen about relevant regulatory requirements and how to make safety an integral part of their commercial fishing business.

It will also provide fishermen with tools and knowledge needed to create their own documented vessel-specific safety management systems.

Commercial fishing is recognized by the International Maritime Organization as one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

Between 2004 — when the program was established — and 2013, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada reported a total of 72 fatalities from fishing vessel accidents in Canada.

"Our investment in Fish Safe BC's initiative will help enhance the lives and livelihoods of Canada's commercial fishers by helping to reduce loss of life, injuries and property damage due to accidents on the water," said Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau.

Furthermore, Fish Safe BC plans to expand the program to cover  Quebec and the Maritimes.

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