Six key resources for building a healthy workplace

A look at websites offering a range of workplace health information

There are many websites offering a wide range of workplace health information to help employers create healthy workplace policies and programs, best practices, research projects and surveys and resources to support healthy living at work.

Here are some key sites:

Health Canada Workplace Health Strategies Bureau( Resources include health promotion models developed for larger corporations, small business and farms, as well as various workplace health surveys for employees.

Mental Health Works ( Provides employers and employees with information about mental health issues in the workplace. Covers topics such as early identification, prevention, accommodation, legal rights and responsibilities. Includes news, fact sheets, resource lists and information on publications and services.

Healthy Workplace Week ( Focuses on an annual week in October which promotes a comprehensive approach to workplace health in Canadian organizations. Includes workplace health promotion ideas and activities, information, research and resources.

National Quality Institute ( A not-for-profit organization which seeks to assist Canadian organizations in achieving excellence through a strategic approach and application of quality principles, practices and certification. NQI offers standards for healthy workplace practices — known as the Canadian Healthy Workplace Criteria — that combine various issues into a model to help organizations set goals, plan and manage their wellness programs in the larger context of organizational excellence.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety: OSH Answers ( The Health Promotion, Wellness, Psychosocial section of OSH Answers covers issues dealing with stress, its causes and effects and includes such topics as harassment, absenteeism, burn-out, substance and alcohol abuse, workplace violence, EAPs, and prevention programs.

Canadian Health Network, Workplace Health Centre ( A national, bilingual web-based health information service from Health Canada and leading health organizations in Canada. Twenty-six different health centres cover topics such as violence prevention, active living, cancer, heart health, mental health, and substance abuse/addictions. The Workplace Health Centre provides access to quality resources on a variety of workplace health promotion and occupational health and safety topics.

Norma Gibson-MacDonald is a project manager with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). She is also a member of Canadian Healthy Workplace Council.

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