Workplace safety marches in Calgary Stampede parade

Float puts focus on common workplace hazards

When the floats and marching bands wind their way through the streets for the annual Calgary Stampede Parade tomorrow, workplace safety will be front and centre.

That’s because Work Safe for Life, a partnership of the Alberta government, health and safety associations and industry representatives, have created a float to raise awareness about common safety hazards (scroll down to view a picture of the float.)

“Safe work practices ensure that people make it home safely to their families at the end of the work day,” said Thomas Lukaszuk, Minister of Employment and Immigration. “Raising awareness about the hazards that Albertans could encounter in the workplace every day is a critical message to convey.”

Organizers chose the theme “stop, think and act” for this year’s parade entry because of the importance of assessing safety hazards at the worksite before beginning work.

The bright yellow float features various workers and the safety hazards they could encounter during a typical work day. For example, a welder in full protective gear is featured, representing the importance of safe work practices and personal protective equipment on the job.

This is the fourth year that the Work Safe for Life partnership has participated in the Stampede parade. The float, a converted school bus, was built with materials and equipment donated by local businesses and took hundreds of volunteer hours to construct. More than 30 workers, representing the diversity of Alberta’s workforce, will be represented on parade day.

The focus of the Work Safe for Life partnership is to have every worker across the province stop, think and act so that they work safe for life.

The float

Photo courtesy Government of Alberta

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