Workplaces have role in ending domestic violence: Manitoba government

Province investing $100,000 to develop domestic violence awareness training for employers

Employers have a role to play in ending domestic violence, according to the Manitoba government, which is investing an initial $100,000 to develop domestic violence awareness training for employers.

The province announced it will work with employers, chambers of commerce and unions to ensure workplaces of all sizes have access to information or training sessions beginning in the spring of 2009 that will help them recognize and offer support to victims of domestic violence.

Manitoba Labour and Immigration Minister Nancy Allen, who is also the minister responsible for the status of women, said reaching out to offer help is a difficult step.

“But we need to make sure people now there are things they can do that make a difference,” she said. “We want to empower the employers and co-workers of people affected by violence so they know that help is available and how to offer it respectfully.”

Gord Mackintosh, the province’s Family Services and Housing Minister, said everyone has a role to play in countering domestic violence and supporting victims.

“Because family violence affects the workplace with a terrible human cost and through lost productivity, we want to ensure workplaces have access to the information and tools they need to take effective action,” he said.

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