There’s strength in numbers

Moving people analytics out of the HR silo to include corporate partners
By Tony Bennett
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/31/2019
HR, through an evidence-informed approach, can lead leaders to action. Data and knowledge is not enough. Climber 1959 (Shutterstock)

People analytics is now an important human resources sub-discipline alongside labour relations, compensation and employee development. This is the HR work that helps front-line and senior leaders make evidence-informed people decisions.

While all organizational success comes through its people, organizations are integrated organisms and leaders also require the financial, operational and systemic tools to bring about this success. HR cannot do this on its own. An integrated approach to analytics is essential.

Improving the skills, knowledge, competencies and motivations of employees is a major contributor to organizational success. In the private sector, investing in human capital through practices such as proactive safety programs and strategic workforce planning can be leading indicators of financial performance, according to the 2008 study “Toward a Human Capital Measurement Methodology” in the journal Advances in Developing Human Resources.