2 in 5 employees looking for more praise: Survey

But 85 per cent of CFOs feel adequate recognition given

A majority (85 per cent) of Canadian CFOs feel they do an adequate job of recognizing employees. However, 41 per cent of office workers said they don't receive enough thanks for doing a great job, according to Accountemps surveys of 260 CFOs and 280 office employees

Looking at regional differences, office workers from Quebec (70 per cent) topped the list of respondents who reported receiving enough appreciation from their manager. And workers in the United States feel more appreciated (76 per cent) than their Canadian colleagues though fewer executives (65 per cent) reported thanking their employees often enough.

"Everyone wants to feel like their on-the-job contributions are recognized and valued," said Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half, international staffing operations. "Although compensation is important, professionals also want to know that their work makes a difference."

Accountemps offered five tips for managers on effectively recognizing employees:

• Give timely praise. When employees go above and beyond the call of duty, don't wait to acknowledge it. The sooner you recognize the achievement, the greater the impact.

• Make it count. Cash isn't the only reward that carries weight. Vacation days, movie tickets and even handwritten cards can mean just as much.

• Scale recognition to fit the achievement. A heartfelt "thank you" may be enough for smaller accomplishments, but truly outstanding performance should be acknowledged more ceremoniously.

• Take note of accomplishments. Track employee achievements so you can highlight them during feedback sessions and performance reviews.

• Foster a culture of recognition. Praise from colleagues is often as meaningful as a nod from a manager. So be sure to support a corporate culture that encourages members of your team to commend each other openly for a job well done.

• Ask for their opinion. Consider surveying employees if your company does not currently do so. Getting feedback in this way can help to ensure employers and their staff are in sync on recognition efforts and also could open the door for a better organizational communication.

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