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Unsafe rail cars may be transporting dangerous goods

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) has indicated tens of thousands of railway cars transporting dangerous goods may be faulty. A lack of formal protocols to record a certain defect may prevent other broken parts from being found, said the TSB in a report investigating a 2009 accident in Manitoba. This could affect about 35,000 rail cars in Canada. Also a factor is today’s trains are longer and heavier, making them more difficult to control. “Trains and car design must evolve over time and keep pace with operational demands or accidents may happen,” said Rob Johnston, acting rail/pipeline director of investigations at TSB.

Ontario wage freeze hits roadblock

Earlier this year, Ontario announced it expects new public service collective agreements to contain no overall increase in compensation for two years. However, talks with university faculty members have already stalled. The Ontario Public Service Employees Union has denounced the plan and held demonstrations to protest it. The provincial government has said it is looking for an alternative to a legislated wage freeze and would prefer to achieve the result through negotiation.

Program helps foreign-trained accountants

The Certified General Accountants Association of Canada is receiving almost $1 million to develop a program to help foreign-trained accountants have their credentials recognized in Canada. The association will develop an online self-assessment tool to evaluate foreign-trained accountants’ education and work experience. It will also work with international accounting bodies whose programs align closely with Canadian standards to develop mutual credential recognition agreements.

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