44 per cent of professionals happy with their job

But 67 per cent still looking for other work: Survey

Forty-four per cent of Canadians are happy with their current job, while 17 per cent are “definitely” happy and 40 per cent are not pleased, according to a survey of more than 5,000 professionals.

But 55 per cent said they don’t really feel they’re being paid fairly, compared to 37 per cent who said their pay is fair and nine per cent who are happy with their pay, found the FreshGigs.ca survey.

However, even if people are happy with their job, 67 per cent said they still look for another job.

One-quarter of the respondents (26 per cent) work eight hours per day, followed by seven hours (18 per cent), six hours (17 per cent), nine hours (16 per cent), 10 or more hours (10 per cent), five hours (eight per cent), four hours (four per cent) and three hours or less (two per cent).

Sixty per cent of respondents said they surf the web at work for one hour per day, followed by 25 per cent for two hours and 10 per cent for three hours, found the survey.

When it comes to overtime, 43 per cent said they sometimes have to work overtime and 20 per cent said they work overtime “way too often,” compared to 27 per cent who hardly ever work overtime and nine per cent who never work overtime.

And while 78 per cent of respondents said they are not paid for overtime, 55 per cent said they do not feel they should be paid overtime, found FreshGigs.ca.

As for employee benefits, 46 per cent of the professionals said they consider theirs good while 31 per cent said they’re bad and 23 per cent said they don’t know what they are.

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