Abuse of power most common bullying tactic in U.K.

Lack of management skills leading cause of workplace bullying: Managers

The majority of British managers believe poor management skills is the main reason behind bullying at work, according to a new study.

The Ban Bullying at Work campaign surveyed 512 senior managers across the United Kingdom and found abuse of power is the most prolific type of bullying in the workplace, as cited by 71 per cent of managers.

After abuse of power, overbearing supervision (63 per cent) and exclusion (55 per cent) are the most common forms of bullying.

Two-thirds of managers think poor management skills is the major factor contributing to bullying. Other factors include personality (57 per cent), authoritarian management styles (56 per cent), failure to address incidents (37 per cent) and unrealistic targets (27 per cent).

Managers said the most important reasons to tackle bullying at work are to improve low morale, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

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