Apprentices want better training, not more money

Work environment is more important than salaries

The Industry-Education Council of Hamilton has released a study indicating that 30 per cent of apprentices change employers at least once during their apprenticeship.

The primary reason for moves rests with employers’ attitudes. The study reveals that employers are reluctant to train apprentices for fear that they’ll be “poached” by companies offering higher wages.

In fact, the study of 350 local apprentices ranked wages and benefits sixth in factors determining whether they would stay with an employer. The top three factors were liking co-workers, doing interesting work and liking the work environment.

The report shows that, in the effort to keep apprentices, employers’ concerns are unfounded and self-defeating. By limiting training so as to make apprentices less attractive to competitors offering big salaries, employers push workers out the door in search of more interesting work.

To obtain a summary of the study, go to or call (905) 529-4483.

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