Bill 32 passes third reading in Ontario legislature

Unanimous vote of 95 to 0 for bill regulating HR

With a final vote of 95 to zero, Bill 32, the Registered Human Resources Professionals Association Act, unanimously passed third reading in the Ontario legislature today.

The bill passed second reading in May.

In an email to HRPA members, CEO Bill Greenhalgh said the new act reflects "today's realities in the workplace and the evolving importance of the association's HR professionals."

He thanked staff, member volunteers and the bill's sponsors for the work over the last four years in getting the legislation drafted and passed.

"This act provides HRPA members the long-sought recogntion as true 'Tier 1' HR professionals," he said, calling it a "monumental acommplishment" for HRPA members and the association.

This is the third time a bill that would regulate HR professionals has been introduced in the Ontario legislature. The first attempt, Bill 138, an Act respecting the Human Resources Professionals Association, failed to reach third reading in 2011 before the legislature adjourned for the fall election. It was a private member’s bill with one sponsor.

Last year, Bill 28, an Act respecting the Human Resources Professionals Association — which was introduced as a private member’s bill with three-party support at the end of 2011 — didn’t pass before former premier Dalton McGuinty announced his resignation and suspended parliament. Ontario currently has a Liberal minority government headed by Premier Kathleen Wynne.

For more details on the new legislation, and what it will mean for HR professionals in Ontario — and across Canada — look for a story in the Dec. 2 issue of Canadian HR Reporter.

The full text of the legislation is available online at

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