Bomb squad technician, window washer, Armed Forces scariest jobs: Survey

Layoffs, pay cuts, presentations things workers most afraid of

What makes a job frightening? Imminent danger, public speaking, eerie surroundings? As Halloween weekend approaches, American workers voted on the scariest profession, choosing careers ranging from the death-defying (firefighter) to the potentially humiliating (stand-up comedian).

The scariest jobs, according to a CareerBuilder survey of 4,384 workers in the United States, are:
1. bomb squad technician
2. high-rise window washer
3. Armed Forces
4. miner
5. police officer
6. Alaskan crab fishing
7. mortician
8. firefighter
9. high school teacher
10. cemetery worker
11. exterminator
12. stand-up comedian
13. animal control
14. stunt person
15. politician

But aspects of their own jobs can also keep Americans on edge, found the survey. More than one-third of workers (36 per cent) said layoffs are what they are most afraid of at work. Other work-related issues that may keep workers up at night include:
•pay cuts (13 per cent)
•workload (nine per cent)
•presenting in front of other people (nine per cent)
•forced relocation (four per cent)
•the boss (three per cent).

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