Business leaders need to be more innovative: Survey

84 per cent say more risks must be taken

A large majority of Canadians believe business leaders need to be open to take more intelligent risks in order to create innovation, according to a Microsoft Canada survey of 504 senior and junior or mid-level office workers.

Eighty-four per cent of Canadians believe business leaders need to take more risks to create innovation, while only 53 per cent feel the company they work for is already driving innovation.

“Canadian business leaders must embrace an appetite for intelligent risk instead of shying away from it to stay within the comfort of status quo,” said Eric Gales, president of Microsoft Canada. “Now is the time to create organizational cultures where risk is not a dirty four-letter word but is encouraged as a valuable ingredient in fueling learning, creativity and inspiring innovation.”

“What we need to do is overcome the misconception that risk automatically equates to danger. We need to transform the idea of risk into a true opportunity — whether in business, skiing down a mountain or in improving Canada’s health-care system,” said Gales. “Business leaders need to empower their teams and drive forward innovation to strengthen our economy and put Canada on the map.”

The younger generation entering the workforce is also considered to be just as innovative (47 per cent) or more innovative (41 per cent) than current leaders, found the survey. The top reason for the younger generation being more innovative is their experience, comfort and understanding of technology (Canada 68 per cent).

A majority of office workers (97 per cent) also agreed companies must embrace new technologies in order to remain competitive. And 96 per cent agree technology is shaping the future of how they work.

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