Canada ranks third in immigration policies

Recognizing IEP credentials, offering accessible education score points

Canada’s immigration policies rank third in the world, according to the latest international Migrant Integration Policy Index by British Council in Brussels, which connects people to learning opportunities.

The country’s efforts to recognize credentials of internationally educated professionals and offer inclusive, accessible education put the country at the top of the list, just after Sweden and Portugal.

The index is a benchmark European study that measures a range of nearly 150 indicators, including political engagement, public education, access to citizenship and equality laws.

The United States and Canada tied for first for in the legal category for their programs and laws in fighting discrimination and promoting equal opportunities.

Canada ranked second in the family reunification category for its efforts to reunite immigrants with family abroad and provide their children with access to education.

However, Canada lost points for its failure to give voting rights to newcomers and seek immigrants’ input on policies. This placed Canada 18th in the engaging newcomers in politics category.

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