Canadian HR Reporter TV for the week of April 12

A sneak peek at stories we're working on for the April 19 issue, plus this week's news headlines for employers and human resources professionals

Videographer Amanda SIlliker brings you a sneak peek at stories we're working on for the April 19, 2010, issue of Canadian HR Reporter including:

•Winners of the annual Immigrant Success Awards, including Michael Bach of KPMG who won the Canadian HR Reporter Individual Achievement Award. We also look at the importance of having a diverse workforce.

•What does it take to be a successful HR leader? We look at the results of a global study of more than 2,000 HR professionals conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

•The benefits of wellness programs, including decreased absenteeism, less health-care expenses and increases in productivity, according to a Conference Board of Canada report.

In this week's news headlines, we look at a new study that shows employers are putting more emphasis on retention and a police force calling for more action on mental health.

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