Chicago staffer's job posted online

City HR staff must reapply for their own jobs at reduced pay

Fifty employees at the city of Chicago's department of human resources will have to reapply for their jobs at lower pay or risk being fired.

The order follows a switch from manual scoring and screening of job applicants to a computerized system from HR technology firm Taleo.

To prepare for this switch, the city hired HR consulting firm Hewitt and Associates to audit job titles and determine how many jobs were needed. Following Hewitt's analysis, the number of positions was dramatically reduced, as was the pay.

One HR department employee recently found a job listing for her job on the Internet site Craigslist. She and some concerned colleagues approached the head of the HR department.

Human resources commissioner Jacqueline King told the fifty HR staff they would soon be unemployed. They were told they would have to reapply for their positions and that there would be a significant pay cut – about $20,000.

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