City of Toronto plans to hire 1,300 new workers

New positions include welfare caseworkers and transit staff

With news of massive layoffs around the world, the City of Toronto is bucking the trend and is looking to hire 1,300 new workers.

The new jobs include about 220 positions at the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), 156 welfare caseworkers and 271 workers to design and oversee new capital works projects.

With so many new hires, some city residents might worry their property taxes are being spent indiscriminately. But the city's budget chair, Councillor Shelley Carroll, said only about 450 of the new workers will be paid through property taxes.

For example, provincial funding will pay for the new welfare caseworkers and TTC fares will cover the new transit workers, she said.

1,300 jobs
Some of the new Toronto jobs, as reported in the Toronto Star

• 5 permanent inspectors for grow-op crackdown

• 2.5 tech jobs for Chameleon System that allows dispatch to more efficiently assign calls to animal care control officers

• 1 tech job to set up an electronic tracking system for crackdown on illegal signs

• 1 lawyer to handle increased demands to attend Ontario Municipal Board and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. hearings

• 1 lawyer for human rights tribunal hearings

• 10 new prosecutors and four legal assistants to staff the six new courtrooms

• 8 permanent positions to gear up for 2010 municipal election

• 1 position for privacy impact assessments to comply with privacy legislation

• 2 temporary positions to work on reviewing and reporting councillor expenses

• 2 positions for collection of new taxes

• 11 customer service representatives to reduce delays at parking tag counters/call centre

• 1 BlackBerry support specialist to handle problems with the more than 2,000 BlackBerrys issued to city staffers

• 7 tech jobs for rollout of 311 service

• 15 caretaking positions for police, water and 311 centre

• 45 positions for security, cleaning and maintenance at Union Station

• 11 security staff for parks and recreation and water departments

• 1 animal nutrition research assistant

• 8 jobs to increase the number of dog and cat licences

• 2 workers to maintain street trees

• 8 workers to handle tree-cutting applications from developers

• 3 positions for the lobbyist registry

• 4 positions for ombudsman's office

• 25 tradespeople for repairs to subway stations

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