Emotional smarts (Web sight)

While many of the Web sites listed in this column in the past provide resources that could be used for professional development, there have been few to help the reader on a personal level. This issue’s column will do both. In addition to providing the “corporate slant” on emotional intelligence, the resources below will help readers understand, develop and manage their own emotional intelligence.

6 Seconds

“Six Seconds is a nonprofit educational service organization supporting the development of emotional intelligence for families, schools, communities and corporations”. An excellent resource providing plenty of articles, information on training as well as other links. The site is well organized and easy to navigate. Well worth a visit.

Emotional Intelligence and the Work Place

A review of emotional intelligence in the workplace written by Jeffrey S. Royer. The article makes reference to the writings of Daniel Goleman, Peter Drucker and others.

Measures for Emotional Intelligence

If you are looking for a very technical, scientific approach to emotional intelligence; this is it. The article provides descriptions of various tests used in measuring emotional intelligence. While the article itself is very technical, it does provide basic definitions for emotional intelligence, emotional thinking, and so on.

Emotional Intelligence, etc.

An interesting site providing informational in two separate categories; Academic and Everything Else. The text-based site is easy to move around in and find the resources you want. Definitions, articles, papers and reports
on emotional intelligence abound.

Hay Group

The Hay Group has prepared a very professional, easy to use Web site providing a lot of the basic information you would expect to find on emotional intelligence. Take an “EI Quiz” online or browse through their list of resources.

Charles J Wolfe Associates, LLC

This U.S.-based organization provides what they claim as “the world’s first and only ability-based measure of emotional intelligence.” Aside from providing products and service around EI tests, they also offer information on developing and managing emotional intelligence.

Rob Horgan is an HR professional and freelance writer. He can be contacted through his Web site: www.robhorgan.com. His column appears regularly in CloseUp.

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