Employer subsidy creates jobs in Whitehorse

Work experience will help young people find long-term employment

A new government wage subsidy program has created 18 new jobs for young workers in Whitehorse.

The advanced education branch of Yukon's education ministry will deliver the Youth Employment Program, which gives employers that hire youth between the ages of 18 and 25 a wage subsidy of up to 90 per cent to a maximum of $12 an hour.

“The Youth Employment Program will create Yukon opportunities for Yukon youth, and it reflects our work to enhance transitions between those with varying levels of education and training and the world of work,” said Education Minister Patrick Rouble.

“By providing employers with a wage subsidy to hire youth for up to five months, we are encouraging them to invest in youth as they seek personnel to meet their business needs.”

Some employers are just beginning their recruitment, but 18 young people have already found jobs through the program.

The subsidy will continue through April 30, with the hope the job experience the young workers gain will lead to long-term employment opportunities.

“This program will support employers to help youth develop skills, while creating skilled staff who will be available to fill future employment vacancies,” said Rouble.

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