Employers failing to integrate millennials: Report

Yet more than half have experienced tensions among age groups

Millennials are now the largest generation in the Canadian workforce, yet only 9.8 per cent of companies have done anything to integrate this group with their other co-workers, according to a report released by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA).

And yet 54 per cent of employers have experienced tensions between millennials and other age groups because of perceived differences in values or work habits.

However, 94.6 per cent of the employers that did make efforts to integrate millennials said the actions helped improve employee integration, found the survey of 1,026 HRPA members.

"It's no surprise that companies are facing a 'loyalty challenge' when it comes to millennial workers," said Bill Greenhalgh, CEO of HRPA. "There can be up to four different generations in today's workplaces and if companies aren't taking steps to mitigate the potential tensions that generational differences can make, they will face major problems."

One path to promoting workforce integration is through mentorship programs, yet more than 60 per cent of HRPA members said their companies did not have a mentorship program — and those that did were typically informal and open to all employees, rather than focused on integrating millennials.  

"By offering flexible work options, ensuring technology is part of your workplace, offering reverse mentoring programs, and even providing generational training, companies can help improve intergenerational issues, their retention of millennials, and their overall competitiveness," said Greenhalgh.

The full report can be found at HRPA.

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