Employers not doing enough to support active, mentally healthy lifestyle: Study

40 per cent of workers feel employers don’t support active lifestyle

Many Canadian workers (40 per cent) feel their employers do not support them in maintaining an active lifestyle, according to a global Workmonitor study by Randstad Canada.

Even more workers (56 per cent) feel their employer does not support a mentally fit lifestyle by providing services like a job coach or mentor.

Having a good work-life balance was the number one priority for a healthy lifestyle for 96 per cent of respondents. But that balance is not a reality for many workers as work demands become increasingly more intense, found the study.

Three in four Canadian reported they perform better at work when they work out or play sports on a regular basis.

"It is not a surprise to see so many Canadians taking their health and wellness into their own hands. Improving work-life balance is a common theme for workers from all generations, career levels and industries, and one employers need to make a priority," said Lauranna Ji, health and safety manager at Randstad Canada.

"With many companies working with similar or smaller budgets than last year, a healthy lifestyle for their employees is often overlooked in the pursuit for a better bottom line. However, offering health and wellness incentives, such as a mentorship program, lieu days for extra time worked or a discounted company gym membership, are all ways that companies can show their workers they understand the demands of today's world of work and are invested in their wellbeing."

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