Feds reveal training initiative for developing countries

$95-million program will help create skilled and technical workers

The federal government is launching a new program to help developing countries build skilled workforces necessary for economic growth.

In partnership with Canadian community colleges, the skills for employment initiative will strengthen local training institutions in Africa, Asia and the Americas to provide the vocational and technical training students need to find good jobs, said Minister of International Co-operation Beverley Oda.

"In developing countries, for those living in poverty to succeed, basic education is only the first step. They also need training, skills and a chance for meaningful employment to live productive lives," said Oda. "A skilled workforce will strengthen the foundation of businesses and industries as well as enhance the community's social stability."

The initiative, delivered in co-operation with partners such as the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, is a series of programs that will support developing country efforts to establish strong technical and vocational education and training systems.

As part of the $95-million program, $22.3 million will be invested in nine African countries to train more than 2,000 individuals to become qualified, certified trades and technical workers.

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