French, German employer groups press for more EU convergence post-Brexit

All demanding new ways to cooperate with Britain

PARIS (Reuters) - French and German employers' groups on Sunday called on the governments of the European Union's other two biggest economies to push on with the single market project now that Britain has voted to quit the bloc.

"The Franco-German motor, more indispensable than ever to this integration, needs to recover its strength," said a joint statement from France's MEDEF and the BDI and BDA of Germany.

"In all domains the union needs to speak with a single voice," it said, pressing for governments to "reinforce the European market on its two economic pillars, the single market(free movement of goods, services capital and labour), and the euro, and for this (euro) immediate, credible and visible measures to reinforce its governance to encourage convergence between member states."

The grouping also demanded that new ways be found to cooperate with Britain.

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