HR association rebrands itself to reflect global reach

Canada's largest HR association is changing its brand to reflect its influence beyond provincial borders.

The Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario's acronym and logo, HRPAO, is changing to HRPA of Ontario and eventually HRPA.

"Our influence and thought leadership already extend beyond the boundaries of Ontario. On topics such as diversity we are already viewed as a global thought leader. So we need a vision and strategy that anticipates the range of skills, capabilities, knowledge and services that members will need in a rapidly evolving world, in what could be, for some, a 20- to 30-year career. And we need a brand identity that is well aligned with the needs of our membership," wrote Bill Greenhalgh, the association's chief executive officer, in an e-mail to the association's more than 16,000 members announcing the rebranding.

In the e-mail, Greenhalgh points out other HR associations, such as the Society for Human Resource Management in the United States or Britain's Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, don't identify themselves geographically. Even the British Columbia Human Resource Management Association's logo drops the B.C. and is just HRMA.

The transition from HRPAO to HRPA will take several months to give HR professionals and other stakeholders the chance to get used to the new acronym, said Greenhalgh.

He stressed the rebranding isn't an effort to expand membership outside Ontario, but instead about "expanding the thought leadership and influence of the association to meet the needs of our members."

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