Future of work: 2024 global talent trends

Workforce 2.0: Unlocking potential in a machine-augmented world

Future of work: 2024 global talent trends

This article was produced in partnership with Mercer.

As we look ahead to 2024, the world of work is in full metamorphosis, forever changed by the seismic shifts of the past few years.

Societal dynamics are reshaping work structures, technology and AI are advancing at breakneck speed, and we are still navigating the aftermath and recovery of a post-pandemic world.

We wanted to hear how business executives, HR leaders, employees and investors were navigating this evolving landscape. More than 12,200 voices contributed to this year’s Global Talent Trends study, and we are excited to share the results with you.

What’s top of mind in 2024?

This year’s Global Talent Trends study draws on insights from 845 C-Suite executives, 1,920 HR leaders, 9,449 employees and 84 investors from across 17 geographies and 16 industries. Their input defined the four trends that are shaping the People agenda in 2024:

  • Drive human-centric productivity: Solve the productivity equation with AI, assessment and work design
  • Anchor to trust & equity: Foster a climate of trust through fair pay, equity, and inclusion
  • Boost the corporate immune system: Build resilient cultures with teams that are risk aware and healthy at the core
  • Cultivate a digital-first culture: Design an adaptive, digitally fluent organization where people can thrive

Top 10 HR priorities – Canada 2024

What has gotten us to this point is not enough to take us further. We are on the cusp of a revolution. As organizations consider the promise of new technologies, it is imperative that the focus is not only on cost optimization and profit.

With human-machine teaming accelerating at an unprecedented rate, we finally have an opportunity to realize our dreams of a more intuitive, simplified, and customized work experience. In an era where people risk is business risk, getting this balance wrong can bring a company to its knees.

“Organizations are taking the opportunity to reset their people strategy,” sums up Kate Bravery, senior partner at Mercer. “They are intentionally building more sustainable, more inspiring, less exhausting work models.”

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