Gen-Y grads want long-term career

Government jobs, Apple and Google top the list of most desirable workplaces

Despite a reputation for being flighty and impatient, a new survey has found Generation-Y students want to find steady and stable work.

The survey of 27,000 Canadian students by research firm Decode and recruitment consultancy Brainstorm Consulting, found 54 per cent of students would like to find an employer where they can spend their entire career.

And while most respondents know which industry they want to work in after graduation, only thirty per cent have their minds made up about the organization they want to work for.

"Students today know what they want and are actually quite rational in selecting who they will work for, which has significant implications for companies that are looking to acquire and build a competitive advantage through people," said Eric Meerkamper, partner at Decode.

Of those who have chosen an employer, the top five companies out of 158 choices are:

•Government of Canada

•Health Canada


•provincial governments


When deciding on an employer, the top three considerations for respondents are work-life balance, good people to work with and a good initial salary. However, 72 per cent of respondents say they are willing to take a job that may not fil all of their requirements as long as it is a good starting point for their career.

While Gen-Y students want a life-long career with one organization, they're not willing to wait for a promotion and 64 per cent expect to be promoted within 18 months. They are also willing to move for the organization of their choice, with 73 per cent of them saying they would like to relocate from their home province for work, with Toronto and Vancouver being the top two cities to work in.

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