Getting over change management speed bumps (Web Sight)

Change for three village chiefs • 10 conditions for successful change • Change debates and tutorials • Overcoming change forum

With all the volatility of business today, many companies, large and small, have to deal with organizational change on some level to stay profitable. Arguments exist both for and against, but quick change seems to be winning out over slow transition. In either case, there are sure to be bumps along the way. These sites offer thoughts and resources for all levels of management involved in implementing organizational change initiatives.

Change for three village chiefs

This article illustrates three approaches to implementing organizational change using a tale of three village chiefs attempting to build a bridge across a wide chasm. The author breaks down each approach, shows how it can be applied to change management and examines in detail the positive aspects, as well as the potential for failure.

10 conditions for successful change

This paper from the Ivey Business Journal focuses on the pace of organizational change. The authors point out that the conventional wisdom is that change takes years and that an incremental approach is best used to allow people time to adjust. The authors disagree. “In fact, if organizational change is to be successful, it must happen rapidly and it must create momentum. The trouble is, most organizations don’t know how to effect and manage change properly.” They outline 10 conditions that should be established for a successful change initiative, and explain the critical factors at play during the first 100 days (where speed is created) and the second 100 days (where momentum is built).

Change debates and tutorials

The Change Management Learning Centre is a good web resource for change management. The site features tutorials, a bookstore, benchmarking reports, training programs, some fantastic articles (including a debate series, best practices and how-to guides), a links page and a “yellow pages” directory for change management training, consulting, publications and other services. Well worth the visit, there’s tons of stuff here. Check it all out from the menu on the left of the screen.

Overcoming change forum

This new site offers visitors a useful discussion forum focusing on change management issues. Started in June 2004, the site is geared toward program managers and anyone who is “involved in dealing with corporate resistance to change and implementation management, complex management of perceptions and beliefs, and power and politics management.” Viewing postings is free. In order for visitors to create their own postings, they must sign up for a free membership. Features a crisp, clean interface, and is easily navigable.

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