Giving up all of HR’s recruiting (Web Sight)

Survey on recruitment says… • Lessons from health-care candidate screening • Five steps to build sound hiring process • Ottawa’s advice for outsourcing

Finding talented, capable people is vital to any successful organization. It’s a critical role for the HR department to fulfill, but as demands on HR people grow, the department can be stretched thin. Outsourcing the entire recruitment and staffing function is an option some strained HR departments are turning to.

These sites offer food for thought on the outsourcing alternative.

Survey on recruitment says…

A Development Dimensions International study examines general recruitment practices, which practices are most effective, and how they affect organizational outcomes. It addresses a number of topics, including the issue of outsourced recruiting and selection. The study found that “many organizations (62 per cent) rely on outside vendors to recruit executive talent to a moderate or large degree.” The survey results came from 162 members of the DDI Benchmark Group and covered strategies, current and future practices, and barriers to effective recruitment.

Lessons from health-care candidate screening

This article looks at the value of outsourcing candidate screening for hospital services — an area where employee pre-screening is essential — however, the information provided is applicable to any industry where pre-screening is a necessity. The author states that “financial liability for acts and misconduct of its employees is becoming one of the most significant areas of exposure for health-care organizations. Hospitals are utilizing background checks as a risk-management tool to limit their liability.” Again, although it’s focused on health care, the situation is the same at many workplaces and in many sectors. The author raises questions for the organization to consider when looking at outsourcing, provides some cautionary advice, and offers eight points to keep in mind when choosing a screening firm.

Five steps to build sound hiring process

This article considers common recruitment strategies for HR professionals in an economic recession. It looks at the talent wars and at some best practices, including outsourcing the recruiting function. The article includes a brief case study on the Kellogg Company and its first experience with outsourced hiring in 1998. “They wanted to manage the fluctuations in their hiring volume, employ recruiting specialists with niche areas of expertise, improve reporting capabilities, reduce overall hiring costs, and improve the efficiency, timeliness, quality, and diversity of hiring.” It goes on to list five steps for building a hiring process, whether the hiring is done internally or by an outside vendor.

Ottawa’s advice for outsourcing

Industry Canada’s website contains this sub-site dealing with recruiting. It offers information and resources on many different aspects of the topic. From the menu on the left, select “Outsourcing” to go to a page dealing with that aspect in particular. It provides some concise general information, and some useful points to consider when evaluating whether or not to outsource. It also suggests combining in-house and outsourcing rather than choosing one or the other. Use the menu on the left to skip to different sub-pages dealing with what to outsource, benefits versus risks, and choosing providers.

Shannon Simson is Canadian HR Reporter’s resource editor. Her Web Sight column appears regularly in the CloseUp section.

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