Good communication key to happy workforce: Survey

Career advancement opportunities, job security also important

While pay, perks and a pleasant working environment all score highly, being kept in the loop with high levels of communication is the single most important factor keeping workers in the United Kingdom content within their jobs, according to a survey from, an online recruitment service

Strong communication (87 per cent of respondents), opportunities for career advancement (86 per cent) and job security (85 per cent) are among the most important factors contributing to staff happiness, while training (81 per cent) and recognition of a job well done (77 per cent) also influence job satisfaction, found the survey of more than 2,500 workers.

People at work also contribute to happiness at work — one-in-four workers admitted they would leave their job if they didn't like their colleague.

"Employee happiness is a serious business, especially if you want to attract and retain top talent in a tight jobs market,” said Martin Warnes, managing director of "Finding ways to give employees a voice and ensuring strong lines of communication throughout an organization will help businesses nurture a happier, more valued workforce."

At the other end of the scale, the factors found to have the least contribution to worker happiness were the commute to work and working hours, found the survey.

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