Governments invest more than $300,000 in Manitoba employment project

Funds will help youth, low-income individuals and immigrants get job training and work experience

The Manitoba and federal governments are funding an employment project to give Manitoba youth, low-income individuals and immigrants who face barriers to employment job-preparation training and work experience.

The Victor Mager Parent Association will receive $234,106 from the provincial government to go to the Job Re-entry Program to assist low-income individuals and immigrants.

The association will also receive $121,996 in federal Skills Link funding to support the Job Re-entry Program, which will help up to 10 youth, who have recently immigrated to Canada and are facing employment barriers, develop life and job skills to ease their transition to work or return to school.

"Our government is taking steps to ensure youth, low-income individuals and immigrants have the tools they need to succeed, such as education, employment training, and career development," said Minister of Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade Peter Bjornson. "We recognize the importance of promoting skills development to ensure Manitobans have an opportunity to share in all economic opportunities."

Skills Link focuses on helping youth facing barriers to employment, such as single parents, Aboriginal youth, young persons with disabilities, recent immigrants, youth living in rural and remote areas, and youth who have dropped out of high school.

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