Graduates are in demand

Salaries are higher than ever

According to a recent survey, it pays to be a university graduate.

The survey conducted by The Higher Education Careers Services Unit made the following findings:

Wages for graduates rose by 2.5 per cent in the past year. The average starting salary is now £17,786. (A British pound is worth around C$2.23.) Graduates working in Scotland received almost £2,000 more each year;

Job opportunities abound. There are increased opportunities for graduates wherever they want to live. There has been an overall increase of 23 per cent in job vacancies for graduates; and

Quantity is what’s important, not quality. The kind of jobs available has radically changed. While employers are willing to hire recent graduates, they also want experience. Graduates are being hired to photocopy and make tea while they learn the rules of the corporate world.

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