Health and safety extortionist gets community service

Brisbane worker claimed to have incriminating photos in an attempt to squeeze $10,000 out of his employer

An Australian worker who tried to blackmail his employer over alleged health and safety breaches was sentenced to 200 hours of community service, according to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation..

James Denholm, 18, of Brisbane tried to extort $10,000 AUS from his employer. The Crown said Denhom was disgruntled after being told there would be no more work for some time.

Denholm wrote a letter to his former boss claiming to have photographs of oil leaking into drains and other infractions. He said the breaches would amount to millions of dollars in fines and suggested the company pay him $10,000 to prevent him from going to the authorities.

Judge Kerry O’Brien, of the District Court, called it a stupid act and a foolish attempt.

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