Hiding out

In effort to keep meeting secret, man rode in trunk

Hiding out
Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipila arrives at the EU summit meeting in Brussels, Belgium, Oct. 19. REUTERS/Eric Vidal

HELSINKI — A government official got into trouble with the Finnish police recently after he apparently hid in the trunk of a car to conceal his meeting with Prime Minister Juha Sipila.

While police did not name the man involved, he was reported to be state secretary Samuli Virtanen, also the deputy to foreign minister Timo Soini.

Looking to keep his meeting secret, Virtanen climbed into the back of the car but failed to use a safety belt and was therefore cited for breaching the traffic code, according to Reuters.

However, the road he travelled on had little traffic, so only the man was at risk of harm, according to police.

“The given notification is considered as a sufficient sanction,” said inspector Pekka Seppala.



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