How we did the survey

The 12-page survey questionnaire was developed by ARINSO International and validated by members of the Canadian HR Reporter staff and staff from Affinity Systems. Questionnaires were developed in both online and paper versions for distribution to the survey participants.

The survey was conducted during August 2001. Questionnaires were mailed to 7,000 human resource professionals in Canada. The online version was available on, as well the Web sites of the survey partners, ARINSO and Perceptor. In addition, e-mail notices were sent to HR and HRMS professionals in the Canadian marketplace.

The data is based on 378 completed responses from a mix of private- and public-sector employers. This represents a response rate of four to five per cent for the survey mailing. The survey sample was not designed to be a random sample. It is intended to provide insights into the Canadian HRMS scene as it is today and generate data suggesting future directions in HRMS.

The online questionnaire was designed using the Perceptor system developed and distributed by Affinity Systems of Mississauga, Ont. Responses from online participants were subjected to quality edits for data integrity and for error checking. Paper responses were keyed into the online system for analysis using Perceptor.

Following data entry, all responses were reviewed for inconsistencies and to ensure the entries were valid survey responses. In cases where there were entries but invalid data, these responses were purged from the system to ensure the quality of the analysis. Multiple responses from companies were reviewed and sent back to the organization to obtain a single response.

ARINSO International, using various data results from the Perceptor system, performed the data analysis. The Perceptor system created the graphs and tables. Commentary is based on the data and validation with survey participants of the conclusions. Some editorial comment is provided based on ARINSO’s expertise in the field of human resource systems management and implementation experiences.

A complete report on the survey will be published and offered for sale at $175 later this year. Complimentary copies will be mailed to all qualified participants who completed the survey.

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