HR certifications increase salaries by US$20,000: Report

Professionals with PHR, SPHR also promoted faster

Certified HR professionals can earn up to 93 per cent more overall than their colleagues without the credentials, according to a survey by PayScale and the Society for Human Resource Management in the United States.

“In today’s ever-changing work environment, many professionals are wondering whether there is real value in pursing professional certifications,” said Katie Bardaro, lead economist at PayScale. “Our research shows there are tangible benefits for HR professionals to attain PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) credentials that will positively impact their compensation and career growth throughout their entire career.”

As with many functions, the business of HR is rapidly evolving, said Bardaro. “Professionals who continuously enhance their learning and add new skills are likely to maintain an edge in earning power.”

Below are other highlights from PayScale’s The Value of PHR and SPHR Certifications: Sugar Coating or Career Sweetener? report:

• Holding either a PHR or SPHR will boost salaries for HR professionals by more than $20,000, across various metro markets in the U.S.

• HR professionals with an SPHR make 93 per cent more overall that those without any certification (overall median annual pay without any certification is US$45,600 versus US$87,900 with SPHR).

• HR certification has a greater positive impact on salary for HR professionals in cities located on the East Coast than it does for West Coast cities.

• Certified HR professionals tend to advance to senior roles more quickly. Nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of HR assistants with certification received a promotion within five years, compared to only 34 per cent of those without certification.

• The likelihood of holding HR certification increases with seniority. Nearly one-half of HR vice-presidents are certificated with 25 per cent holding a SPHR and 19 per cent holding a PHR.

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