Internet takes job fair to next level

Virtual tours and real-time chat allow employers and jobseekers to connect across the country

Job fairs have traditionally been held in large conference centres, with jobseekers left to navigate the myriad aisles and booths, searching for that perfect employer. Too often, both jobseeker and employer lose out.

But now, a Montreal-based online job board has taken the job fair into the virtual world, allowing jobseekers to explore opportunities without leaving the comfort of their home computer.

Voicejob's eFairJob, Canada's first virtual job and education fair, runs from March 17 to 28 and is accessible at 24 hours a day.

Jobseekers can log in free and circulate among the fair's virtual booths to find information and job opportunities with organizations across the country. Employers can also chat with candidates in real time and receive resum├ęs in their job fair inbox.

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