'Is the boss single?' among unusual interview questions by candidates

People also asking for midday naps, birthdays off: Survey

Asking "Do I have to be at work every day?" or "Do you want to take a ride in my new car?" might not be the most sensible questions during a job interview, but those are a couple of examples of the most unusual or surprising questions HR professionals have heard from job seekers, according to an OfficeTeam survey.

Other examples include:

•"Would you consider going on a date with me?"

•"What colour is the paint in this office?"

•"Can my husband finish this test for me?"

•"Is the boss single?"

•"Do you have a job for my partner?"

•"What are the women who work here like?"

•"How do you think I did on the interview?"

Some job candidates were most concerned about their next big "break,” found the survey of more than 650 HR managers in the United States and Canada, asking for midday naps, every Tuesday off, three weeks off every three months to pursue a music career or birthdays off.

Then there were individuals who didn't think the following requests were out of the question:

•"Can I place my desk near the cafeteria?"

•"Could I get a pay advance?"

•"Can you help me search for an apartment?"

•"Is it OK to wear shorts to work?"

•"Can you help me with the employment test?"

•"Can I set my own hours?"

•"What job is this for?"

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