Job seekers should follow up after submitting resumé

Within one to two weeks best timing: Survey

Job seekers who are hesitant to contact a prospective employer after submitting their resumé shouldn't be, according to an Accountemps survey.

Seventy-one per cent of more than 300 senior managers surveyed said candidates should follow up within two weeks of applying for a job while only two per cent said applicants should not check in with the hiring manager.

When asked: "How long should a job seeker wait to follow up with the hiring manager after submitting a resume?" executives responded:
•One week or less (38 per cent)
•One to two weeks (33 per cent)
•Two to three weeks (17 per cent)
•Three weeks or more (six per cent)
•Don't know/no answer (four per cent)
•Don't follow up (two per cent)

"Job seekers who follow up with companies after submitting their resumé show initiative and demonstrate to hiring managers they are enthusiastic about the opportunity," said Kathryn Bolt, Canadian president of Accountemps.

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