Joke bombs

Jaguar suspends worker who donned fake explosives

Joke bombs
A Jaguar Land Rover worker has been suspended for a joke gone wrong. Shutterstock

SOLIHULL, U.K. — A Jaguar Land Rover worker who thought it would be funny to pose in a fake suicide vest at work has, not surprisingly, been suspended.

The individual was photographed wearing a vest complete with Nerf gun bullets, wires and foil-wrapped boxes meant to resemble a bomb, and asked colleagues if he should “pull the string and blow it up?” according to the Daily Mail.

The company said it was taking the incident “extremely seriously” and investigating.

But another worker was unhappy it took so long for action to be taken, saying the incident was reported before Christmas and not escalated until January: “Shop floor banter has got to this stage and it is a regular occurrence... If you don’t deal with an issue, then it will keep raising its ugly head.”

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