Labour ministers to use social media to enhance well-being of workers

Also renew strategy for work in International Labour Organization

Canada‚Äôs federal, provincial and territorial labour ministers have agreed to work together to enhance occupational health and safety of young workers using social media and other tools. They also endorsed a renewed strategy for Canada's work in the International Labour Organization.

The labour ministers met for their annual meeting on the weekend to discuss a wide range of current and emerging issues.

"Our government's number one priority is the economy and we understand that safe and healthy workplaces boost productivity and innovation," said Lisa Raitt, Canada's labour minister. "As the well-being of workers and employers are key to the success and performance of Canada's economy, meetings like this one help all governments work together to ensure Canada's workforce remains the best in the world."

The ministers also participated in panel presentations and roundtable discussions regarding the evolving world of work and future labour policy. Specific topics included critical and emerging issues in the areas of employment standards and labour relations, as well as mental health in the workplace.

After the annual meeting, ongoing work continues through the Canadian Association of Administrators of Labour Legislation (CAALL). Established in 1938, CAALL is an association of federal-provincial-territorial departments of labour and heads of occupational health and safety agencies.

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