Labour shortage hits Vietnam

Firms using high wages to attract skilled professionals

Vietnam is having a hard time filling professional positions, with local talent only meeting about 40 per cent of demand, according to a new survey.

Industries hardest hit by this shortage include finance and banking, law securities and HR, according to High level positions, including CEOs, CFOs and auditors are remaining open for long periods of time.

The shortage has forced many companies to turn to foreign workers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Australia, Canada and the United States. Companies are also enticing Vietnamese expatriates to return home.

The increased demand has also forced wages up. HR managers at foreign companies are earning about $2,200 US a month, sales managers $2,800 US a month and CFOs are earning $3,500 US a month.

CEOs can rake in up to $5,000 US a month plus perks.

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