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With many executives able to retire in the next few years, leadership development has attained high-priority status in many HR departments. The following sites look at succession planning and executive recruitment.

Right skills in the right place

This Harvard Business Review excerpt looks at the relationship between succession planning and leadership development. The authors note that in most cases where leaders are successfully cultivated from within, it’s because the organization has “combined two practices — succession planning and leadership development — to create a long-term process for managing the talent roster across their organizations. In most companies, the two practices reside in separate functional silos, but they are natural allies because they share a vital and fundamental goal: getting the right skills in the right place.”

Causing others to follow

This article looks at the importance of cultivating leaders and setting clear leadership development objectives. The author states that “most organizations don’t adequately define what they’re looking for in their leaders. The concept stays vague and therefore, the path to the goal is always murky.” He defines leadership as “the art of causing others to want to follow.” He then breaks down four key practices that gifted leaders demonstrate, explaining each.

And for the top job…

This article from Chief Executive magazine identifies some of the critical skills to look for when recruiting a CEO. The author states that “while there are many quantitative measurements, such as stock price history or background experience, the attributes that may have the greatest impact on a candidate’s potential success are softer, qualitative ones. That’s why directors need to be able to assess a candidate’s passion and strength of convictions, as well as his or her ability to lead.”

Portal to executive development

This portal — and sister site to the Canadian Education Centre — allows visitors to search for information on programs based on whatever criteria they choose. Sponsored by Workopolis.com, the site lists several North American institutions. However Queen’s School of Business represents the only Canadian executive education listing so far. This website appears to be in its infancy, but is worth keeping an eye on.

Shannon Simson is Canadian HR Reporter’s resource editor. She can be reached at [email protected].

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