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Out of sight, out of mind

New York
— The more hours managers put in at the office, the less stressed they are about their family life, according to a new American study. Using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, two professors concluded that managers who worked at least 60 hours a week reported less family stress than those who did not work as much. However, those putting in extra long hours also said they feel more alienated from their families. The study also showed male workaholic managers took home about US$43,000 a year more than those working less than 60 hours. Female managers putting in long hours average about US$17,400 more a year.

Show me the love

New York
— Nearly 60 per cent of workers said they don’t feel appreciated by their boss, according to a recent poll at Just 18 per cent said they felt “truly valued” and another 25 per cent said they were “sort of” valued. Most said the way for their bosses to show more appreciation was to give them a raise, though 30 per cent said they’d be pleased with verbal praise. Only four per cent said a new job title would make them happy.

New Brunswick leadership T&D

— New Brunswick is rolling out a new leadership training and development program for aspiring public-sector managers. The program combines classroom and online learning and will be delivered in both English and French. It was originally created internally for the Department of Training and Employment Development but will be available in all departments. The program is comprised of 14 highly focused modules on topics such as Aboriginal awareness, strategic planning and international development, and includes a new emphasis on coaching.

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