Manitoba launches pre-arrival strategy for provincial nominees

Immigration from China has more than doubled since 2007

Manitoba will have a new pre-arrival strategy to better help prepare provincial nominees for labour market integration before they arrive in the province, according to Premier Greg Selinger.

Selinger made the announcement in Shanghai at a pre-arrival settlement orientation and labour market preparation session for provincial nominees destined for Manitoba.

"Manitoba is pioneering the development of a series of pre-arrival initiatives that will assist provincial nominees to begin their employment and settlement planning prior to their arrival in Manitoba,” he said.

As part of the initiative, provincial nominees will have access to pre-arrival programs and resources that include:

•A new settlement plan — as part of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program application process — that will help potential nominees start planning how they will settle and find employment before they arrive in Manitoba.

•A new pre-arrival planning guide that will help nominees make an action plan for finding a job soon after arrival, “leveraging guided research into qualifications recognition and labour market conditions and building on the plans made at time of application.”

•Prior to arriving in Manitoba, provincial nominees will be linked to Manitoba Start where they will be able to interact with employment counsellors. Once they arrive in the province, they will continue their labour market integration process at Manitoba Start.

•Access to pre-arrival settlement orientation and labour-market preparation services in China and 25 other countries through the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP). Services include the development of a career plan based on Manitoba-specific, labour market information and guidance on qualifications recognition procedures.

"Our goal is to have our nominees working in their fields as soon as possible after arriving," said Selinger. "The more informed and prepared provincial nominees are before they arrive, the more likely they are to succeed in finding employment quickly and to contribute immediately to Manitoba's economy."

Nominees will also continue to have access to Manitoba's English Online language program which provides facilitated English-language training using Manitoba-specific scenarios. Students are able to interact with adult English-as-an-additional-language teachers based in Manitoba, who provide one-on-one guidance throughout the student's training.

Immigration from China has more than doubled since 2007, to 1,307 in 2011 from 609. In 2011, 91 per cent of total immigrants from China arrived through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

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