NASA rated top workplace by federal workers

Survey of 100,000 federal workers puts the space agency at the top

Federal government employees have rated NASA — the country’s space agency — as the top workplace in the United States.

The survey of federal workers, the first of its kind, polled 100,000 staff at 28 major government agencies.

NASA ranked first among women and third among men. It was tops among minorities, younger workers and older workers. In every agency surveyed, supervisors and executives rated their satisfaction higher than did lower-level employees. But at NASA, both groups rated their agency as number one.

The survey was conducted by the Office of Personnel Management in 2002, several months before the Columbia space shuttle disintegrated on re-entry on Feb. 1, 2003, killing all seven astronauts on board.

A survey conducted after the accident showed workers are afraid to speak up about safety concerns and feel they are not respected by management. That survey, conducted by Behavioral Science Technology Inc., was designed to assess NASA’s workplace culture.

Best federal agencies to work for in the U.S.

1National Aeronautics and Space Administration
2National Science Foundation
3Office of Management and Budget
4General Services Administration
5Environmental Protection Agency
6Office of Personnel Management
7U.S. Air Force
8 (tie)Department of Commerce
8 (tie)Department of the Interior
10Department of the Army
11Department of Health and Human Services
12Department of the Navy
13 (tie)Department of Agriculture
13 (tie)Department of Transportation
15 (tie)Department of Energy
15 (tie)Social Security Administration
17Department of Veteran Affairs
18Department of Labour
19Department of State
20Department of Housing and Urban Development
21Department of Treasury
22Agency for International Development
23Department of Justice
24Small Business Administration
25U.S. Marine Corps
26Department of Education
27Defense Agencies
28Federal Emergency Management Agency

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