Nearly 100,000 workplace fatalities in China so far this year

Government statistics slow slight drop from first three quarters of 2003

The number of workers killed on the job in China dipped slightly, but the number is still staggering.

According to China’s State Administration of Work Safety, there were 607,429 injury accidents resulting in 98,809 fatalities from January to September this year — the vast majority killed in road traffic accidents.

That’s an overall decrease of 0.25 per cent fatalities, or 245 workers, from the same period in 2003.

Some statistics from the Chinese government on workplace deaths:

•Industrial, mining and commercial and trading sectors: 11,620 deaths (including 4,135 in coal mines and 1,914 in metallic and non-metallic mines.)

•Metallic and non-metallic mines: 1,914 deaths.

•Dangerous chemicals: 183 fatalities.

•Fire accidents: 1,917 fatalities.

•Road traffic: 77,664 deaths.

•Waterborne accidents: 393 deaths.

•Railway transport: 6,117 deaths.

•Civil aviation: six deaths.

•Other types: 1,092 deaths.

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